CPI is a world leader in the field of Plankton Mitigation. Our expertise is sought out from all over the world. We pride ourselves on the development that has gone into what we believe is possibly the best overall compressor free Micro and Nano Oxygenation diffusion system in the world.

CPI is both proud and excited to introduce our all-new H.O.D.S system for Aquaculture maximization. Proprietary technology that will result in cleaner water, healthier stock, less maintenance and bigger harvests.

Trust CPI to maximize your production while minimizing your maintenance, and engineering out problems before they occur.


CPI designs manufactures and installs aquaculture aeration systems worldwide for protection against plankton/algae blooms, low oxygen situations, movement of water for sea lice skirts and other harmful events and treatments. We continuously update our technology to withstand the tough weather conditions of the aquaculture industry. Our in-house manufacturing team makes sure the design is specific to needs of the customer.