What are they?

Our semi closed containment systems have a 15m deep physical barrier between farmed and wild fish, We use our ODiN aeration system for water circulation and even distribution and we paired this with Moleaers oxygen rich nanobubble technology creating our latest semi-enclosed system.


  • Eliminate transfer of sea lice from wild fish to farmed populations
  • Eliminate most algae entering the cages
  • Reduces disease
  • Improve oxygen transfer with nanobubbles
  • 75% reduction in oxygen use
  • Sustainability for Salmon Farming production
  • Protection of the surrounding habitat by limiting interaction with native species.

Below to 15m barrier is open to the ocean to improve oxygen transfer while maintaining a low risk from sea lice and algae since the deeper water is free of them.

Semi closed containment systems with aeration improves the quality of the environment for the fish and reduces the need to treat pathogens such as sea lice and algae blooms. This results in healthier fish and less cost extensive aquaculture.

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Recent project February 2022

Made-in-BC semi-closed system to be installed at all Grieg Seafood BC farms in Esperanza Inlet

To bring this technology to life, Grieg relied on the expertise, knowledge and successful collaboration with several Vancouver Island based technology and services companies – like CPI Equipment Inc ~ Greig Seafood

CPI Equipment Inc. is proud to partner with Grieg Seafood BC on their full-scale CO²L Flow semi-closed system in 2022. Over the past two years, CPI has worked diligently with Grieg Seafood on trials to improve the efficiency of oxygen transfer to seawater in their sea pens by using CPI’s ODiN Aerations system in conjunction with Moleaer’s nanotechnology. By achieving a greater supply of water quality within the semi-closed environment, we have been able to support the creation of a new ocean-based system. Working with our customers for over 20 years and striving to develop better technology within the aquaculture market both locally and internationally is an important part of our company’s success. The knowledge-sharing and teamwork between Grieg Seafood and CPI Equipment shows how people, ideas, and new technology can collaborate to meet the needs of aquaculture for the future.~         Kris McNichol, President, CPI Equipment Inc.